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About Me

Who am I?

A big-dreaming, fun-loving, photo-obsessed wife, sister, daughter and friend.

Why am I here?

Photography is not my full time job... but it's my passion.

I love the idea of capturing memories and emotions, and finding the beauty in anything. Nothing makes my heart smile more than when I capture a special moment for someone; that's what got me to venture out into the photography business. I strive for that one perfect shot during a shoot, and I shoot simply because, well... I love shooting!

Being able to turn my passion into a small business? That's just an amazing bonus. :)

What I love to capture...

My main interest right now is pet photography and on location portraits. I just adore pets and always have a blast capturing their personalities, their habitat,  and the bond with their owners.  I also enjoy shooting food and small events such as parties, conventions, baby showers, corporate BBQs, etc.

I also design photo collages and scrapbook pages, photo books, cards, announcements, etc. I love designing gifts and keepsakes with the photos I take!

*NEW* Are you an expecting mother? I'd love to work with you for a newborn/baby shoot. Contact me for more information!

Other things I love...

- My family
- Traveling
- Books
- Cheesy/sappy made-for-tv movies *guilty pleasure alert*
- Long walks with my hubby and our dog Milo
- My family cat Gucci
- Ice cream, candy, cake... pretty much anything with sugar
- Disney! "Love" is an understatement. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm a Disney Nut. :)

Take a look at my galleries. Like what you see? Want to learn more about me? Contact me! I'd love to chat with you!


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